2023 - Glasgow School Of Art
2021 - Glasgow Institute of Cancer sciences
2019 - Glasgow School Of Art
2017 - Aalto University

AI Oracles: Reimagining the Role of Creative Practitioners in the Age of Generative AI Tools is an opinion article that introduces my concept of “AI Oracles”. As a designer, I envision AI Oracles as mediators between AI-generated chaos and human creativity, shaping meaningful collaborations with AI. This idea not only helps me reflect on my own practice but also reimagines the future role of creative practitioners in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

First in Human is a research project undertaken at Glasgow University with Dr Nicol Keith. It is a look into the people who bring new cancer therapies into routine cancer care,  and the processes and value brought by Phase 1 trials.

Creating worlds : Exploring Participatory Behaviour in Gaming Communities is my master’s thesis. It is an exploration into the parallels between the motivations of players to participate in a game’s experience, and the civic values that get citizens to participate in the life of a city.

Ordinary games for ordinary people is a trend forecasting document where I draw parallels between the nordic game industry, the nordic film scene, and the attention economy.

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