AI experiments

2023-Ongoing - PhD & Personal Work

In order to probe into AI’s capabilities and ethical landscapes, I created three distinct, AI-driven experiments.


Envisioned as a fortune-telling experience, I blended local events, weather, and user inputs to craft fortunes, aiming for a mix of the cryptic, relevant, and weird. It was designed as a playful experiment, but Omen.OS received unexpected responses of user vulnerabilities and emotional confessions.

︎︎︎Robot Rejection

Robot Rejection is a critique of automated resume screening processes. Providing humor-infused rejections, it mirrors the often bleak and emotionally impactful reality of job hunting in a world of automated HR.


Intrigued by the impactful potential of AI-generated content, I built Botter, a social network for bots - creating a stream of AI-generated “alternative facts”. The intent was to critically challenge and explore collective perceptions and reactions to artificial content.

︎︎︎Medium article explaining the process and learning here

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